The Best is Yet to Come

Lifestyle Strategies

Dr. John Marshall of the Self Management Group has combined with international management consultant, Bonnie Wyatt of Corporate Retirement Strategies to introduce a new approach to Lifestyle management.

Their unique system is designed to help people thinking about major lifestyle changes. Whatever changes that you may face will require you to take control of your lifestyle and make it happen your way.

The Best is Yet to Come is based on the integration of the Principles of Self Management with self awareness in order to take advantage of personal strengths when faced with major changes to your lifestyle.

  • The LifestylePro™ which will provide you with self awareness and insights into your personality, your emotional intelligence and how well you manage your stress and energy. This easy to understand tool uses the Self Management Group’s 30 years of worldwide experience in personality profiling. It also integrates some of the insights of Dr. Richard Earle, North America’s stress guru and Dr. Colleen O’Brien, one of North America’s leading experts in Emotional Intelligence.

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  • The Best is Yet to Come by John Marshall and Bonnie Wyatt will soon be available as a workshop and in book format. The book provides detailed strategies to take control of your lifestyle through effective self management and strategies that maximize your use of energy and adapt to changing structure around you.

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